Santa's Wonderland with Leia

One thing about having a child that I learned is it brings back the inner kid in you. I learned how to look for things and places that are not only fun for kids but for adults as well (hey, mommy and daddy gotta have some fun as well). Every decision depends on weather Leia will enjoy. I don't mind being silly if it will bring my baby to smile.

 During the Holidays, Ran stumbled upon this place called Santa's Wonderland and thought Leia would definitely have fun looking at different colored lights. Pre-Leia, we wouldn't even bother going to such places. I now realize how much fun my daughter has added to our lives. It's like we are also growing up with her and all her excitements we share with her.

It was too cold when we went, I needed something to warm me up besides the three layers of clothes.

Leia loves riding Carousels. Whenever she spots one, she just had to ride it. Imagine her happiness when she finally got to ride a real pony! Just look at that smile, she didn't even mind the smell. Poor baby loved it so much she cried when her ride's done.

The place had spots with bonfire for warmth and they allow you to make your own S'mores as well. Here's Leia with Grandma watching Grandpa try to make one.

Grandmas had a lot of fun too!

Leia's dancing to the tune of Chicken Fried. She won't stop dancing, I guess she loved to song so much she didn't mind other people watching.

Had so much fun this year with the Family. Next year again!

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