Happy Anniversary Trip

This year, Ran and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary and we opted to skip all the flowers, gifts, and  romantic date and went on a little family road trip to San Antonio instead. Our first plan was to go to Sea World since Leia would definitely enjoy it, then days before the trip we learned that the park was closed so off to plan B, San Antonio Zoo!


Santa's Wonderland with Leia

One thing about having a child that I learned is it brings back the inner kid in you. I learned how to look for things and places that are not only fun for kids but for adults as well (hey, mommy and daddy gotta have some fun as well). Every decision depends on weather Leia will enjoy. I don't mind being silly if it will bring my baby to smile.

 During the Holidays, Ran stumbled upon this place called Santa's Wonderland and thought Leia would definitely have fun looking at different colored lights. Pre-Leia, we wouldn't even bother going to such places. I now realize how much fun my daughter has added to our lives. It's like we are also growing up with her and all her excitements we share with her.


HEB Thanksgiving Parade 2015

When I first arrived in Houston, I remember watching my very first Thanksgiving parade and having so much fun. After so many years of not being able to go to the yearly event downtown, this year the family decided that it would be fun for our little Leia to see the parade.