Travel Diary: Osaka, Japan (Part 3)

The plan for Day 4, which is basically our last day to enjoy Osaka (our flight on day 5 was at noon so we really didn't have time to do anything except get ready and go to the airport) was to go to Osaka Castle and do some last minute shopping. It was really nice to know about the history behind the castle. Inside was an actual museum for tourists to better understand its significance. We went straight to Dotonbori to finish up our shopping list after. 

All in all, I had so much fun and was very appreciative that I got to experience different culture besides my own. This is one part of travelling that I love, it allows you to know the world outside the one that you live in.

I am not so done with you Japan! I will definitely go back and explore you some more in the future! Till next time! 

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