Travel Diary: Bicol

Bicol is one of my favorite places ever! It was where my mom grew up and she made sure to make it a part of our lives by bringing us there every year on school vacations. It has been twelve years since the last time I've visited and I was so excited that I was able to go back to visit my grandparents. Also, I am ecstatic that my daughter, Leia, was able to finally meet her great grandparents. Seeing this place again brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. It definitely has a special place in my heart. 

This is Tamiawon, the small island where my mom grew up. To get here, you have to travel almost two hours by van or jeepneys then another two hour boat ride. Although exhausting, it was definitely worth the travel. 

After my visit to Tamiawon, the family decided to go to Legazpi, Albay. Finding a place to stay was a challenge because we didn't plan ahead of time. Good thing we found this small resort and it was perfect. There were no guests at the time except us, so we basically have the place and the huge pool all to ourselves. Leia was obviously happy about it. 

Oh and one thing about Bicol that I missed so much is its offering of yummy fresh seafood. I can eat these all day everyday :)

Before going back to Naga city, we tried to explore Legazpi as much as we can. The owner of the resort suggested we go to Lignon hill and I'm really glad she did. Although it was really hard to go up the hill it was worth it because of this beautiful view of the whole city. They offer some activities like ziplining and there were souvenir store up at the top as well. 

The hill was also the perfect spot to gaze at Mt. Mayon's beauty although she was quite shy and didn't show her perfect cone. Next time!

Up next, another tourist spot, the Cagsawa Ruins. I can't believe this was my first time here! Shown in the photo was what's left of the church that was destroyed when Mt. Mayon erupted many years ago. 

I will see you next time Bicol! I will always try to go back and explore you some more :)

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