Subaru Big Event 7

It's that time of the year again! Our third big event attendance. Ran, my husband is a total gear-head. He is a Subaru enthusiast and believe me when I say he knows just about everything about a car (which compensates for my lack of knowledge about them). I am to Fashion and Travel as he is to Cars and Sports. It's almost too cute whenever he gives me these little quizzes about car parts and I answer him correctly, his face lights up and he looks so proud of me like I am his favorite student. Anyway, back to the event, we started attending three years ago. Since then, the first or second saturday of October every year is blocked off for the event. 

The event was free, all you have to do is register ahead of time for free tickets. Upon arriving, just show the tickets and receive an envelope with coupons inside to get your free loot bag and t-shirt. 

This year, we brought our family car, a Subaru forester XT instead of Ran's yellow bugeye WRX. Next year wrexie! (Yup we name our cars!)

So many beautiful cars. I started to appreciate and love cars when I met Ran. I try to be as supportive of his hobby hence the event attendance. 

In all three years of attending, we never won anything, boo! hopefully next time :) Although with all the freebies that we received each year, it's as if we already won.

    Free food were also available. There were rice bowls, hotdogs, burgers, and snowcones

Circus acts were part of the event this year as well. Although I'd rather have gymkhana which they had on big event 5. 

Every year, the event organizers invite rally car drivers. This year David Higgins with his navigator Craig Drew,  Sverre Isachsen, and Bucky Lasek graced the event. 

This year big event is a lot more fun because it was my baby Leia's first time attending. I can't wait for the next one. 

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