Travel Diary: Osaka, Japan (Part 2)

Day 3: We started our day a bit early because our destination was a little far from the apartment, KOBE. They say it is known for its signature marbled beef and that's exactly why we came there for. It was lunch time when we arrived and we settled at this little place called NEIRO. Since I am not really a big fan of Steak, I opted out of the ¥8,000 per 100 grams Kobe Beef. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get it the next time I visit.

After stuffing our faces with equally good food for less, we decided to go to Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens. You need to ride a cable car to reach the top where the herb garden was. Once at the top, you'll be greeted by this awesome panoramic view of the whole city, really gorgeous! There were bunch of shops and cafes as well. Actually, the whole place isn't just about herbs, there were different kinds of pretty flowers for your eyes to feast on too. After enjoying the top station of the park, we decided to just walk to the mid-section instead of using the ropeway to better enjoy the garden plus yay for burning calories :)

For dinner, we all agreed to just head back to dotonbori to find a good place to eat. Finally, Ramen! I was so excited to eat but we had to wait a little because the place was small and packed which was a good sign right? Well, I can tell you it was. The wait was definitely worth it, the Ramen was so good! Best way to end our Day 3. 

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