Travel Diary: Osaka, Japan (Part 1)

Second stop of our month long vacation, OSAKA! It was my first time in Japan and I am glad I got to experience it with my family. The very first thing I was excited about this trip is the FOOD, particularly RAMEN and Japan didn't disappoint! I was also hoping that I'd get to experience being surrounded by beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees but we came at the wrong time of the year. Well at least I still have a reason to visit next time. 

I guess I have to split this post in two because I don't want to give you Photo Diarrhea! Yep, 5 days equals tons of photos. Maybe we can start on Day 1 & 2.

Day 1: There's nothing much on Day 1, we arrived at Noon and spent quite a while figuring out the way to the Apartment where we'll stay. We were so tired that we decided to just stay in. We did go out to buy some grocery items and was a little dumbfounded as to how eerily quiet the roads were (the store was a good 10 minutes walk from the apartment) at 8 pm. Hubby and I actually wondered if there's a curfew and if we might get in trouble (we didn't). There were no people walking with us nor bicycles or car passing by. Must be the timing I wonder. 

Day 2: It's my baby Leia's birthday and we decided to take her to the Aquarium. We first went to Namba Station to buy a whole day pass which was actually cheaper than buying tickets at every station and tourist attractions. I'm really glad we went because Leia had so much fun, it was her first time seeing different sea creatures. It was a joy to see how her face lights up whenever she sees different kinds of fishes. Us, adults enjoyed ourselves as well. I got to taste takoyaki which I am not a fan of, I'm sorry. It was a very tiring day with a lot of walking around the aquarium but at least the birthday girl was happy and that's all that matters. Finished our Day 2 eating at a revolving sushi restaurant. We have the same here in Houston, so it wasn't really a new experience for me. 

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