Travel Diary: BORACAY

I can't think of a better FIRST post on this blog but our first family travel EVER. Last June, Ran (the hubby) and I, together with our beautiful baby LEIA decided to go back to Philippines for the Baby to finally meet all our relatives. Also, we decided to celebrate her 1st birthday there but we'll share that one on another post. Let's start with Boracay, our first destination.

Someone's obviously happy to be at the beach.
Finally, after 10 years, hubby's able to visit Philippines again with my beach baby
This is where we stayed when we were in the Island. They have free breakfast buffet and serves different dishes everyday. But, one thing that I wanted to go back to this place for is their FOUR CHEESE PIZZA! It is to die for, so good! (Tried to recreate it but no luck!)
Swim time with the baby and my sister-in-law. We're lucky that the weather's really nice.
Although we weren't born swimmers, we sure love to be in the water.

Now, let's talk a little about food, literally because I wasn't able to take photos of all the food that we enjoyed while we're there. Imagine, I don't have a photo of the infamous four cheese pizza! I was too busy eating that I forgot about my camera although I was able to take few photos.

Had this garlic buttered Shrimp the first time I went to Boracay at D'mall and loved it. I won't forgive myself if I won't get to taste it again.

One thing about I love about the Island is its offering of Fresh Seafood. This Chili Crab is really good, you know it's fresh when you taste some sweetness in its meat. Yum!

Diwal I will go back for you! when you visit Boracay, you have to try this if you haven't yet, so good!
Too bad we only had a short stay in this beautiful Island because we have to stick to our very hectic vacation schedule. Short but very memorable, it is always fun to travel with your love ones. Next travel diary: Japan! 

Who wouldn't fall in love with this place, gorgeous! I will always make sure to include Boracay in my go to destination whenever I visit Philippines.

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