Throwback: When in Dallas

I was going through tons of albums in my Laptop and I thought that it would be a waste if I don't get to share them. Now that I started blogging again after a two year hiatus, I thought it would be nice to do throwback blog so I can still share my old adventures. Everything before Leia was born will be posted in the throwback section. First up, our family visit to Dallas. 

I've been in Texas for 10 years but it was my first time in Big D, imagine that!

One of the most visited destination in Dallas was the spot where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. If you want more information about that part of American History, there's a lot of people available in the area (with a fee) to help. 

Sixth floor were the shot came from. I thought that was real person on the window haha!

If I remember it correctly, the X was the spot where the car was when the first shot happened

Next destination was Ripley's. It was worth the visit. The family had so much fun, there's just a lot of things to see here, you definitely won't be bored.

Now, I can scratch Dallas off of my list of must visit Cities in Texas! 

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